Segmentation and advertising

Increase the subscriptions for online yoga fitness sessions by advertising to Young people….

The Challenge :

The fitness club wanted to start an online yoga fitness session with health diet planning and they wanted only to advertise to young people 18 – 45 ages within Sydney and increase the subscriptions.

The Solution :

Youngersted in the ages 18- 45, who are living in Sydney are interested in yoga and are also health enthusiasts.

Data Attributes

Location – AU wide

Period – One Year
Age – 18 -45
Place categories – Health And Diet Food Visitors
Geo behavior –  Yoga enthusiasts


What is a Segmentation?

Segmentation is the process of putting a company’s potential customers into groups with similar needs and behaviors. By doing this, the company can sell to each group of customers with different strategies that fit their needs.

Why is it important to approach customers through Segmentation and advertising?

  • Companies use benefit segmentation as a way to find out which members of their target audiences will benefit most from using the company’s products or services.  If you know how a potential customer benefits from your product or service, you can deliver the exact value they’re looking for.

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