Big Data For Automotive Industry – 7X Sales

Identifying consumers in your car showroom to increase sales of a new car model.

The Challenge:

A reputed car dealer wants to increase sales by identifying consumers and bringing more customers to the showroom to increase sales of a new model car.

The Solution: 

Identifying high-value customers who are impacting online or in-store engagement based on 5K Mobile apps/6M Users and segmenting consumers with product interests.

Data Attributes 
  • Industry: Automobile
  • People who match the market – Consumers Interested in “Luxury Activities”
  • People who are willing to buy cars – Luxury Car Showroom Visitors or ” High Value “ Brand visited individuals.


 Find Optimal Potential Customers

We planned to begin the campaign by focusing on consumers, who were already in the market for a luxury automobile and consumers who met the profile of the company’s typical buyer.

Check out our approach

  1. Brand customer profile data cleansing.
  2. Data enrichment of customer profiles with AFFIXCON Data pool to create the optimal geo-demographic profiles.
  3. Individuals’ mobile usage matching to the geo-demographic profiles.
  4. Publish your potential customers on advertising platforms.

What is Segment Marketing? 

The phrase “market segmentation” comes from the field of marketing and refers to the process of dividing potential customers into groups or segments that have comparable requirements and reactions to a certain marketing action. Through the process of market segmentation, firms are able to reach out to various groups of customers that have varying perspectives regarding the entire worth of various products and services. 

Why is it important to segment the market? 

  • In market segmentation, an effort is made to identify distinct subsets of consumers so that goods and services can be tailored to better meet their needs. 
  • Depending on factors such as geography, population size, or consumer preferences, markets can be segmented in a variety of ways. 
  • By determining which items are most likely to obtain a portion of a target market and the most effective manner to sell and distribute those products to the market, market segmentation assists businesses in lowering their risk exposure. 
  • When there is less uncertainty and more clarity regarding how to advertise and deliver a product, a business is in a better position to direct its resources towards the activities that are most likely to result in financial gain. 
  • A corporation can reach more people in particular groups through market segmentation, which can also lead those consumers to discover items or services that they had not previously considered purchasing. 

AFFIXCON has developed proven techniques to retrieve results on the above-mentioned audience insight identification concepts. We are looking forward to collaborating with you as channel partners to share our techniques with the community. Are you interested in learning more about how we can more efficiently identify your client’s audience insights?   

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