10x Client Engagement Increasing Tactics

Let’s get the engagement of your clients increased 10 times more with less effort on marketing .

Let us empower you with deeper insights into the markets and audiences that matter most to your clients

Clients expect you to analyze data on your client’s audience from A to Z, to identify the niche audience to target for selling a product, or service, or organize marketing campaigns to increase potential customers to their business. By providing details on your client’s audience time efficiently you can increase the reach of your clients for your business.

 What do you need to offer your clients’ audience insights?  
  • You need to provide a report giving data touchpoints of the specific niche audience, which describes the intended audience in a better and deeper view of a selected product and location.
  • Identify the best innovation idea on a new product or service for your clients which was not identified earlier, so they can sell to their potential customers in a niche market.
  • Recommend Purchase Drivers which are highly important and have fewer congestions with other brands are viewed as primary opportunities for future branding and direct response activity.
  • Identify locations for a physical store that are most likely to sell a product or service. This is determined by analyzing the number of persons that physically visited the locations, the number of persons spent in each location, and the share of higher-income households in each location.
  • Find the optimal budget to launch a new product or business on Amazon, also you can get to know the ROI before starting to sell.
 How to do it? 

AFFIXCON enriches and combines diverse data sets to help agencies, brands, and enterprises gain unique insights into Australian consumer markets. We are able to connect 3000 niche markets, 5000 mobile apps, and 16 million non-PII records with 3 billion monthly updates along with that we have integrated with Amazon marketplace data, providing the most comprehensive consumer behavioral picture view with massive data touchpoints in the country.

Few of our data touchpoints in Australia 
  1. 3500 Niche Markets
  2. 350 Industry Sectors
  3. 1,850 Brands Visited
  4. 620 Customer Interest
  5. 120 Customer Behaviors
  6. 378 Spending Habits
  7. 460 Place Categories Visited
  8. 20 Mil Emails and Mobiles

And many more.

AFFIXCON has developed proven techniques to retrieve results on the above-mentioned audience insight identification concepts. We are looking forward to collaborating with you as channel partners to share our techniques with the community. Are you interested in learning more about how we can more efficiently identify your client’s audience insights?

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