Data & Feature Enrichment Solutions for Cross-Selling

Find customers for their promotion and start selling toys along with fashion products…


The Challenge :

The Calvin klein wanted to launch a new toy store in their own brand name in the department in Sydney. They wanted to find customers for their promotion and start selling on toys along with fashion.

The Solution :

Find customers visiting calvin klein and also visiting toy stores nearby the location. Spenders on toys are mostly adults with children, teenagers or youngsters.

Data Attributes

Brand Visited on Calvin Klein
Location – Shop G124, DFO Moorabbin 250 Centre Dandenong Road Moorabbin Airport, Moorabbin VIC 3194, Australia
Geobehaviour – Toys And Hobbies Shoppers


What is cross-selling?

Cross-selling is the process of getting customers to buy other products or services on top of what they were already planning to buy. Most of the time, the items that are cross-sold go well together, so customers have more reason to buy both.

Why is it important to find customers for Cross-selling?

  • Accurate predictions about customer behavior and householding insights on members, demographic distribution, and other attributes.

Ex: Member in the same house without an account will have the ability to open an account in the bank, so promotions can focus on them

  • Relationship networks define a user, including neighbors, colleagues, and friends.

Ex: Bank customer may have a friend needing a loan as the customer can recommend the friend


AFFIXCON has developed proven techniques to retrieve results on the above-mentioned audience insight identification concepts. We are looking forward to collaborating with you as channel partners to share our techniques with the community. Are you interested in learning more about how we can more efficiently identify your client’s audience insights?

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