Find best customers for luxury or semi-luxury hotels?

The target market for a luxury or semi-luxury hotel is a group of people based on their lifestyles.  Such as business travelers, tour groups, small conference groups, and individual tourists.

In this blog, we have given the data analysis about three types of audiences related to Luxury or semi-luxury hotels. The insights could be used in marketing planning to minimize time consumption in identifying the niche market to advertise. The three customer personas will create multiple approaching methods to increase potential customers for hotels which will uplift the ROI.

Case study on Audience interested in Luxury & semi-luxury hotels

Age Distribution

  • The majority of those interested in luxury & semi-luxury hotels are between the ages of 25 to 34.
  • Males within the age range 25 to 54 have more interest in luxury & semi-luxury hotels representing near to 70% of the audience of 2.1M individuals.

Household composition

  • Couples With Children Households have recorded 65% of 2.1M individuals, who are the most interested in luxury & semi luxury hotels since they prefer more comfortable accommodations to stay with kids.

Household Income

  • More than 55% of 2.1M individuals who have an income more than average ($65,000 +) are interested in luxury & semi-luxury hotels.

Purchasing drivers

  • Purchasing drivers to attract audience to hotels
  1. Expert recommendation
  2. Customer service
  3. Popular
  4. Local Made
  5. Safe

Case study on Luxury & semi-luxury hotels Audience, who are interested in clothing

We could find individuals who are interested in clothing within the luxury or semi-luxury hotel audience.  The audience interested in clothing could be retrieved to use to target more customers to luxury or semi-luxury hotels with different marketing plans.

As an example, Offering seasonal offers to stay in hotels for individuals who purchase from selected clothing brands, will bring potential customers to the hotels

Household Income

  • 17% of the individuals from a total 1.8M audience belonging to the High income ($104,000 – $155,999) category have the greatest interest in men’s clothing and Women’s clothing

Brand engagement

  • The top 10 brands identified by individuals interested in men’s clothing,  from a 1.8M luxury or semi-luxury hotel audience. 
  1. Portmans Visitors
  2. Rebel Visitors
  3. Under Armour Visitors
  4. Kathmandu Visitors
  5. Tarocash Visitors
  6. Hype DC Visitors
  7. yd Visitors
  8. Factorie Visitors
  9. Myer Visitors
  10. General pants Visitors
  • The top 10 brands identified by individuals interested in women’s clothing, from the 1.8M luxury or semi-luxury hotel audience.
  1. Cotton On Visitors
  2. Under Armour Visitors
  3. Witchery Visitors
  4. Bras N Things Visitors
  5. Mimco Visitors
  6. Forever New Visitors
  7. City Beach Visitors
  8. Katies Visitors
  9. Decjuba Visitors
  10. Valleygirl Visitors

Case study on Luxury & semi-luxury hotels Audience, who are interested in car rentals

People who stay at luxury or semi-luxury hotels might be interested in car rentals. With different marketing plans, the people who are interested in car rentals could be found and used to attract more people to luxury or semi-luxury hotels.

As an example, you could give vouchers to stay in hotels to people who rent cars from certain brands, where a lot of people rent cars. This would make traveling people want to stay at the hotel.

Household composition

  • Couples with children with 65% of the 1.8M luxury or semi-luxury hotel audience are the most likely to be interested in car rentals since this allows them to take the whole family on a trip in one vehicle.

Brand Engagement

  • The top 10 brands identified by individuals interested in car rental, from the 1.8M luxury or semi-luxury hotel audience.
  1. Truck Rental Visitors
  2. AVIS Visitors
  3. Thrifty Car Rental Visitors
  4. Europcar Visitors
  5. Kennards Hire Visitors
  6. Hertz Visitors
  7. Coates Hire Visitors
  8. National Hire Visitors
  9. Redspot Enterprise Visitors
  10. Alpha Car Hire Visitors

When there is less confusion and more clarity about how to advertise and deliver a product, a business is better able to focus its resources on the things that are most likely to bring in money. Through market segmentation, a business can reach more people in certain groups. This can also help people find products or services they hadn’t thought about buying before.

AFFIXCON has developed proven techniques to retrieve results on the above-mentioned audience insight identification concepts. We are looking forward to collaborating with you as channel partners to share our techniques with the community. Are you interested in learning more about how we can more efficiently identify your client’s audience insights?


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