SIX (6) services that you can build from Data

Direct marketing list companies core business is providing prospect details for to marketing campaign.
However recently prospect information become goldmine for many businesses to get more insight
about their customers. Providing data solutions or services for verify and manage business customer
relationships add more values any businesses. The scope of these services will likely increase in the near
term as businesses collect more and diverse kinds of data on and about individuals.

Here’s TOP 6 services can be facilitated by direct marketing companies

  • Data Clean
  • Verification and Appending
  • Tele Services
  • Predictive Consumer Insights
  • Suppression records
  • Data Portal

Data Clean​

Standardize and clean customers data including flagging duplicate records. The Standardize includes and flagging duplicate records

  • Identify missing localities such as city/suburb and postcode
  • Mask phone, mobile, email and DOB into proper format
  • Identify duplicates individual level, family members, phone, mobile and etc
  • Parsing the full names with salutation, first name, middle name and surname
  • Parsing the address into local post office format for mailing purposes

Verification and Appending

Verify and validate the addresses, names and contact details of your customer database. Identify
inaccurate or out of date information from your customer file; append updated consumer information
to a supplied consumer record; and re-locate lost customers.

Tele Services

This service verifies and/or appends telephone numbers supplied in a customer or prospect database file provided. You can breakdown the Tele services into sub services such as
  • Tele Append: is the product of appending telephone numbers to a database provided.
  • Tele Verify: is the product of verifying a telephone number from the database provided.
  • Tele Move: is the product where we match on a customer’s details by surname and phone but have different address. This is useful where people have moved and kept the same phone number.
Additionally, append telephone information from a supplied address only by matching known people to the address provided and then washing this through our Tele Append process.

Suppression records

Provide solution to suppress consumer information against the Do Not Call (DNC), Do Not Mail (DNM) and Death index register or any other data protected by data protection laws.

Predictive Consumer Insights

Provide consumer Insights tool can analysis customer database to ensuring rigorous profiling
  • Socio demographic profiled information
  • Age - this is done to an actual individual or modelled to a household level
  • Gender
  • Estimated income
  • Name origin (ie all Chinese, Indian etc.)
  • Properties with an encumbrance attached
  • Type of property, house unit.
  • Property listed for sale or for rent
  • Age of property, number of bedrooms and valuation.

Data Portal

Data portal designed to assist customers better manage and update customer data. The portal can be providing direct access to above 5 services and direct access into third party data solutions to help your customers to validate additional information such as politically exposed person (PEP)
Also provide additional services to support direct marketing campaign such as Statement of Accuracy (SOA) reports from New Zealand post to enable a bulk discount for mailings with New Zealand Post.

Where are we going from here?

We are interested in hearing what you think so let’s contact us. Maybe we can get a conversation flowing about different kinds of data products — what are you seeing out there and what gets you excited?
Get in touch and let’s collaborate And, you guessed it, we are interested too in building data products. If you have a passion for data and software engineering contact us at with some ideas for what you’d like to build.