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Data Solutions

Australia & New zealand

We supported over 10,000 projects for direct marketing and ID verification applications. AFFIXCON is managing 40 Million direct marketing data and supporting 4.4 Billion records for electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) applications for APEC region.
We can help you to addressing data challenges by managing the quality of the data more effectively.
Customer (KYC) system, Anti-Money Laundering system (AML) and Ongoing Due Diligence system.
Supply data for cross platforms – Direct marketing projects and Know Your Customer (KYC) systems.

Data solution

Case Studies

We supported over 10,000 projects, the project size starts from 100 customer records to 14 million records to verify from more than 20 different sources in Australia and New Zealand. Our strategies and software development increase productivity and cash flow. our ACTION louder than words.


data quality

Our team has highly skill members who provide strategy to maintain the data quality cost effective way.We build data warehouse to support scalable data segmentation based on your customer expectations. The solution we provide capable of adapt Australia and New Zealand marketing association rule, Data cleaning, Tele append services, comply data protection law, integrate with third party sources like Yellow pages, Land registry, Movers records and provide custom build solution for managing your business daily process.

Few steps how we addressing your data challenges.

  • Complete a full data audit about data quality
  • Define a data strategy and architecture
  • Develop a single customer view for marketing (customer data platform or CDP)
  • Develop data acquisition and enrichment management
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Data operation software

Custom Solution

AFFIXCON has been working with many partners and able to build automated process to keep the data hygiene with best data cleansing techniques and custom software. The process includes merging data from multiple sources into one standardized source, identifying duplicates and replace inaccurate information.

We develop custom solution that includes best practices for managing marketing data and online application to support about more than 100 clients to validate, verify and enrich against consumer and business databases.

Another solution that we are capable of developing is online batch system that verifies and append telephone numbers, keep data up to date, cross-checked against Do Not Call, Do Not Mail and Deaths registry. Last not the least, AFFIXCON specialized on Know Your Customer (KYC) system such as electronic Identity verification (eIDV), Anti-Money Laundering system (AML) and Ongoing Due Diligence system.

Multi-Channel Data delivery

we analyse clients’ needs

AFFIXCON understands every application has its own interfaces and format to accept.

Today data driven results and technologies are become centric for many businesses to make correct decision. AFFIXCON understands every application has its own interfaces and format to accept. Therefore, we analysis clients’ needs and deliver the data according to their format.

AFFIXCON delivered more than 10,000 datasets for various solution such as marketing campaign, updating their missing customer details and ID verification system. We manage data for data companies and supply data to government entities, credit collectors, banks, charities and marketing


Our dedicated team supports data companies to deliver their projects on time, maintain data quality, cross-checked against Do Not Call, Do Not Mail and Deaths registry, segment data based on socio demography profile, comply the legal requirements and supply the data to third-party based on reequipments.